Rabu, 15 Februari 2017


last week, i was feeling particularly doubtful about a creative writing piece i had written. i was going in a circle i drew for myself, and simultaneously not finding the exit route. i suppose like anybody may generally think about a passion of theirs, i was wondering if what i believed to be my talent was actually talent. 

on a whim, i decided to ask a fellow creative what they thought about the piece. this creative is young and filled with her very own caliber in conquering her dreams. i wondered what she would think about my style, and if she could find herself being captivated by it.

the feedback she gave me blew me away.

she didn't sound like the typical teenager she should be. she was a mind reader, understanding my thought patterns and where i was coming from within the piece. i didn't have to tell her a thing. my respect for her climbed even higher into the skies. she ignited a clear spark in me, tumbling in courage and hope- two qualities i felt i had lost for awhile. i owe a big thanks to this young creative for making me realize i needed to hit the rewind button and press play at a point where self-doubt wasn't even part of my vocabulary. thank you MC, this post is for you :)

after having this conversation with her, the only afterthought that paraded my mind was the steve jobs quote you see above. the philosophy of loving what you do and in turn, whisking out great work is not experienced by everybody. talking with MC and seeing how fresh her dreams were, made me go down memory lane to the same stage. i had and have many dreams; it would be a real shame to reach a catalytic point and feel like i didn't do justice to the teenager inside me, who created the hopes for carrying out what i would love to do. if anything, this post is a reminder for anyone and everyone seeking out the same view as me: go after what you love to do, be it a passion or a hobby you miss finding the time for. seek it, and you will see the game of life becomes much easier.

happy wednesday y'all! 

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